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June 2011

Congratulations to Mr. Paul Kica from the beautiful state of North Carolina on his acquisition of the full sisters CW Aurora and CW Medea (Bey Intuishahn E x MI Silver Wind).  May the girls bring you many, many years of happiness!

June 2011

The end of foaling season is upon us and a warm congrats is sent out to all the mare owners who welcomed their "Intuishahn" babies into the world this past spring.  All healthy and all beautiful ~ here come the ribbons!!!

March 2011

Just received update from a happy client and had to share her email...

carole and augie

"It's kind of a distant picture, but Augie looks very beautiful, classic. 

I have been riding all fall and winter.  We have gone all over the place, going out on big adventures every weekend.  I think he is the best horse I have ever had.  There needs to be more horses like him.  He just keeps getting better and better.  My friends are impressed.  He's very fast, too, and he isn't even trying.

Augie is steady, calm, and careful, even when he's loping or galloping.  He thinks about what he is doing and doesn't freak out like so many other horses do.  He is sure-footed on the mud and ice and through the rocks.  He assesses new situations, then makes a decision about how he's going to get the job done.  He expects to be respected and doesn't like to be treated like a common animal, and he doesn't like to be rushed if we encounter something new and weird, which is rare now that he has experience.  If you just calmly explain to him what you want him to do, then he thinks about it and figures out how he's going to do it.  He's like a capable, trustworthy, intelligent person.  He's the only horse that I want to ride now.  I feel safe on him.  He'll go anywhere and do anything, showing the other horses how it's done.

He was so cute the other day.  We were riding back in the dark, and as soon as we got back on the section of trail that we had come out on, down went his head.  He was following the tracks like a hound dog. 

I can't wait for the Idaho Mounted Orienteering (IMO) competitions to start this spring.  I get to introduce him to everyone.  A few of the IMO members have seen him out on the trail this winter, and they like him"

Thank you so much for the update Carole!  It makes my heart so happy to hear how much you truly love and adore Augie.  Keep the updates coming! 

July 2010

Congratulations to Carole Z. on her purchase of our handsome and athletic gelding,             CW Augustus!  Carole and Augie will be blazing trails together in the endurance circuit! Wouldn't be surprised one bit if this pair breaks some records!  Looking forward to hearing updates!!  Best of luck!

May 2010 

Coho Wind Arabians is delighted to welcome Trainer, Shelly Gillis to our facility!  Shelly trains part time with us and is currently accepting new clients.  Please visit the "Trainers Page" for more information!

2009 Region IV

Bey Intuishahn E is Region IV Reserve Champion Stallion with Jay Smith!

Congratulations to Tasis Farm Arabians

Late in the 2009 foaling season, Tasis Farm Arabians were blessed with a big, beautiful liver chestnut filly out of their mare Shaizia (Simeon Shai x Blu Ziaa).  Go to our Foals Page to see a photo of this dynamic, extremely correct little girl!

With Much Thanks

We would like to extend our gratitude to the many mare owners who booked breedings to Intuishahn in 2009.  Thank you for making this Intuishahn's best breeding year to date!  More than ever, we anticipate an amazing foaling season for 2010.  Can't wait to see those beautiful babies!

2008 US Nationals

Watch for Bey Intuishahn E competing for the Western Pleasure Jr. Horse US National Championship title with Ron Copple!  


2008 Michigan Breeders Futurity

We're proud to participate in this young, up and coming futurity.  Bey Intuishahn E has been a participating stallion since the 2006 stallion breeding auction and we can't wait to see the resulting foals compete!

2008 Show Results

Bey Intuishahn E...

Region IV Champion Western Pleasure Jr. Horse with Ron Copple.

Region V Top 5 Western Pleasure Jr. Horse with Ron Copple.

Michigan Breeders Futurity Auction

Congratulations to Harvey Arabians on their successful bid for a 2008 breeding to Bey Intuishahn E! 

Thank you

We would like to thank the  wonderful mare owners who purchased breedings to Intuishahn within the 2008 breeding season and congratulate the proud breeders of the 2008 foal crop.  We are grateful for your confidence in Intuishahn and trust that your beautiful foals will fulfill all of your dreams.

2007 Show Results

Bey Intuishahn E sadly injured his hock in the trailer ride to the 2007 US Nationals and was unable to compete in the Jr. Stallion class with Eric Krichten, however, our vets are thankfully telling us he will make a full recovery.  Watch for Intuishahn in 2008 in the Western Pleasure classes with Ron Copple! 

Bey Intuishahn E is Region V Reserve Champion Stallion with Rich Simpkins! 

NS Fadjurs Triton is Top 3 Arabian Sport Horse Stallion in Hand with Michael Hartman at the Arabians in Motion Sport Horse Classic.

CW Akalos (Bey Intuishahn E x GW Barbidansk {by Gdansk}) is the EVAHC Yearling Futurity Champion Colt with Michael Hartman.

Foal season is just around the corner!

Justin and I would like to extend a warm thank you to everyone that booked breedings to Intuishahn in 2006. Like you, we eagerly anticipate what the 2007 foal crop will bring. We can't wait to see those beautiful babies!

July 2005 Arabian Horse World Article...

What makes Bey Intuishahn so special? Find out in the July 2005 issue of Arabian Horse World magazine!

"...and Bey Intuishahn E (Enzo x Bey Unforgettable), who was the 2004 Scottsdale Yearling Breeder's Cup Champion, is out of a Bey Shah daughter. No stallion had colts win both divisions of the yearling class as Enzo did last year. Bey Intuishahn is going to be standing at Michael Hartman's training center in Oregon, so he will be starting his breeding career, and beginning the next generation."

                        - Philip Del Pozzo, AHW, July 2005

Download a copy of Enzo - Shifting into High Gear in PDF format

CW Horses find new homes!

Ty and LisaIn late 2005 we sold CW Tritanium to Lisa and Bill Coverdale. We bred Tritanium for the race track, but when Lisa discovered him, she just knew she had to have him for endurance competition. Lisa actively competes with Ty in endurance and gets a kick at the head turns he gets out there on the trail. He's so big and beautiful, people can't help but admire him (Lisa and "Ty" eat up the attention). Bill is always out there at the competitions, supporting Lisa and his buddy Ty. We're so happy that Lisa and Bill were able to find a life long love and friendship with Tritanium!

We would like to congratulate our new friends, Rex and Shari Monroe, on their purchase of our beautiful Aza Destiny granddaughter, Gazza’a Destiny (otherwise known as “Sahara”).

Shari enjoyed riding horses as a young girl, a pleasure she used to share with her father on the weekends at a local equestrian facility. As the years progressed, “life” took over (marriage, children, career, etc.) and owning a horse simply wasn’t an option, though it was a dream Shari held on to, keeping faith that someday it would come true.

Shari lovingly refers to Sahara as her “little miracle” and we are delighted to have had a part in helping Shari’s life long dream come true.

We wish you and Sahara years of happy trails!

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